New LED Streetlights In Thomaston 


Thomaston_11.1115.ANassau County Legislator Ellen W. Birnbaum of Great Neck joined Village of Thomaston Mayor Steven Weinberg (left) and Village Superintendent of Public Works William Mazurkiewicz at Village Hall this past fall to see the new LED streetlights that will be installed throughout the village to replace the existing bulbs. The LED lights were purchased by the village with funding from a Community Revitalization Project (CRP) grant that Birnbaum helped secure. “The Village of Thomaston is always grateful to Legislator Birnbaum for getting financial support for projects. This project will mean significant savings for the village’s electric bill and make a meaningful impact for the years to come,” said Mayor Weinberg. “I am so glad to provide a village in my district with funds for a worthwhile project. The streets will continue to be well-lit while the electric bill will go down,” said Legislator Birnbaum.

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