Neil Leiberman For Park Commissioner


We have a story to tell to the good people of Great Neck. Two years ago, the Great Neck Park District elected a new commissioner, Frank Cilluffo. He decided that he would make many changes and clear out many people from the Park District. He immediately took over the daily operations of the Park District, acting as superintendent of parks. Several longtime employees were pushed aside and their job duties were taken away. It was an unprecedented situation. Commissioner Cilluffo was “out of control” and there was nothing that anyone could do. He brought these employees into closed door conference rooms several times, armed with a firearm, and threatened to destroy them unless they would “be on my team.” Four or five employees have been forced out with nondisclosure agreements.

Many Great Neck Park District employees are experiencing similar intimidation, threats and bullying from Frank Cilluffo, and are too afraid to say anything. Employees have even said that Frank recently pulled his gun out in a park parking lot. Employees are even afraid that Commissioner Cilluffo might do something to harm their families and are afraid to have this letter printed in the paper. We don’t know where to turn anymore and, so, we may have to give up in seeing Commissioner Cilluffo held accountable for his actions. But, make no mistake, he is dangerous.

Please, people of Great Neck, vote for Neil Leiberman this December and get this corrupt commissioner out of the Great Neck Park District. And, as for the other commissioners? The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing, right? The others know about it, but are afraid of him, too. We were told that Frank Cilluffo told Neil Leiberman not to run for Park District commissioner against him this year and, then next year, Cilluffo would guarantee him Commissioner Nachmanoff’s spot. Why is there even an election for commissioner in Great Neck?

We know that Commissioner Cilluffo is well liked in Great Neck, we know that he has made many improvements with “slush fund” money.  But this guy is manipulating everyone and doing underhanded and illegal things. This guy can’t be stopped.

—Names Withheld

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  1. The title of this letter is Neil Leiberman for Park Commissioner but no where in this letter does it state any reason why to elect Neil. What will Neil do once in office? We do not know because he has never stated what he would do. How can you ask us to support a candidate who can only provide negative headlines. We have had enough of the negative politics in our government, we do not need it in our town!

  2. It is outrageous that the Great Neck Record would publish something like this anonymously, and do so right before an election so that there is no time for anyone referred to in this piece to respond before ballots are cast. It is hard to know where to start when responding to this piece. The fact that no names are mentioned makes it absolutely impossible to check out any of the allegations cited. They are so over-the-top that if any of them were true, you would think that law suits would have been initiated against Mr. Cilluffo, and the Park District in general. There are no dates here, no names, no police actions mentioned. I cannot imagine that the other members of the Park Board would countenance such behavior, were it true. I cannot imagine that the Police Department would not have been involved were it true. I cannot imagine any of this being true. But if it were true, the remedy would involve investigation of Mr. Cilluffo by the Park Board, and not the election of the opponent.

    Alice Kasten

  3. The weekly world news is more credible then your paper !! To publish an article without any facts is totally irresponsible and the person oking the article lacks integrity. I will never read an article from your Micky mouse operation again

  4. This is journalism? Fabricated and unsubstantiated lies? To the editors, have you heard of defamation lawsuits? Knowingly publishing defamatory language is a crime and not covered under the first amendment.

    You should be ashamed, and someone should check your bank accounts for payoffs.

  5. It is absolutely outrageous that your newspaper would publish such misguided information. This isn’t the Trump Tweeting World! Can anyone just accuse anyone now? In all my years living in GN (42 years) I have NEVER seen such blatant politics! The article is titled “Neil Lieberman for Park Commissioner”. No where does it talk about why we should vote for Neil, but by all accounts seems like Frank is getting rid of a lot of old time nepotism. Nepotism that is clearly trying to sink slander and lies about a person who ONLY thinks the best of the GNPD. Remember that folks, there might just be a good reason someone was let go.

  6. The Great Neck Record is contributing to the promulgation of fake news. Have you learned nothing from the national disgrace that was and is related to the President-Elect? Identities of letter writers should be mandatory and verified. Purported facts must be checked. The Record has been on a downward spiral for quite a while. The spiral has now hit bottom.

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