N. Varsity Soccer Hopes For Championship


SoccerABy Katie Berman

Great Neck North High School’s Varsity Soccer team has become much more than the average Great Neck sports team. As Captains, Ori Ran, Jon Monahemi, Brandon Eshagoff and Nick Garzon are hopeful that they will lead their team to victory this season.

SoccerCAlthough the team is mainly com-prised of upperclassmen, there are some younger spotlight-worthy players.

Julien Hakimian, class of 2018, brings pure talent to the field while being one of the youngest kids on the team. While facing Manhasset, North had a great win and Hakimian scored two goals.

SoccerBSix days a week, the boys meet at the field for a two-hour practice to perfect their soccer skills. They begin with running and stretching to get their bodies warmed up and ready to play. Drills are run everyday by Coach Griffin and the captains.

When selecting drills, strategy comes into play—the team wants to show off each and every player’s talent. Whether it’s offense or defense, every player on this team has something to show off.

If the team continues to play the way they are now, Coach Griffin and the team are looking at a great end to this season.

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