MTA Draft Schedule for LIRR East Side Access


The MTA has released the draft schedules for LIRR east side access. The MTA/LIRR will hold a Virtual Public Hearing July 13, 2022 to receive comments from the public on the proposed schedules.  All Thomaston residents are urged to voice their opinions at this hearing.

In reviewing the proposed schedules for the LIRR Port Washington branch, we note the following:


Express service has existed for decades and certainly contributed to the intrinsic and real property values in Thomaston and Great Neck as a bedroom community to the City.  We must have express service of at least one (1) train per hour during peak travel times.

The proposed schedule shows an increase in time for train travel between Great Neck and the City.  This is not an increase or improvement of service for Great Neck.

The Village of Thomaston residents endured the construction of the pocket track extension and the Colonial Road Bridge (the first step toward LIRR east side access) and were told that there would be an increase in service.  In addition, our residents have and will continue to endure the noise associated with the increased number of trains stored or waiting along the pocket track.

The proposed schedule appears to have the same number of trains during the peak rush hour service.  The proposed schedule divides in half the number of trains going to and from Penn Station and Grand Central Madison Station.  This is not an increase in service from Great Neck  to New York City.

The MTA must do what they have to do to restore express service for the Great Neck station.

We encourage all residents to speak out and share their comments at the MTA’s July 13th Virtual Public Hearing at 6:00 p.m.  You must register to view and/or comment at the public hearing via this link:

In addition, we welcome Thomaston residents to attend the Village Board of Trustees meeting on July 11th at 7:30 p.m. at Village Hall to provide the Board with their concerns on the proposed LIRR schedules.   Resident concerns on the proposed draft LIRR schedule may also be emailed to: with the subject line “LIRR Draft Schedules”

We will share all concerns with the MTA/LIRR and our local legislators.

-Steven Weinberg, Mayor
Village of Thomaston

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