More On LEDs In The Old Village


Carl Abraham’s column “LED Lights in the Village of Great Neck” in the April 4 issue of the Great Neck Record, which was in response to Rebecca Rosenblatt Gilliar’s article “Cheering LEDs Is Like Applauding the Coming of a Tsunami” in the March 21 issue, is totally off track with respect to the health hazards of LED light.

Abraham’s major complaint seems to be that Gilliar’s objections—and mine as well—are not based on rigorous scientific evidence. So what does Abraham do? He starts with a list of communities that are switching to LEDs. All this indicates is that the public at large (including our elected leaders) is still in a state of ignorance about the health hazards of LED lights.

Then, Abraham touts their environmental benefits—without one word refuting the health hazards! He mentions the importance of peer-reviewed articles, but does not cite any. I, on the other hand, have presented the results of several peer-reviewed studies (of which I believe Gilliar is also aware), in addition to the official recommendations of the American Medical Association. These scientists and doctors all agree that the blue-rich light emitted by the current generation of white LED lights is harmful to both human health and the environment.

For those who want to learn more about the health implications of LED lights, as well as wireless networks, environmental expert Patti Wood, director of Grassroots Environmental Education based in Port Washington, will be giving a presentation called Is Our Technological World Putting Our Health at Risk? at the Great Neck Main Library on May 23 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. I urge you to attend.


  1. Those so called studies are of light temperatures that are 5000k-6000k, the 4000k temperature chosen is a very good balance of comfort and ability to view people or pets on the street at night. There are thousands of counties and villages throughout America switching to LED lights. I dont understand how you can be so anti everything.

    Federal law is mandating the phasing out of manufacturing incandescent lights anyways over the course of the next 5 years.

    I for one love the new lights, I hate the poles they are attached to, but that’s another topic of discussion. The poles are hideous, take up space on sidewalks, and hate seeing all the wires all over the place like a bee’s nest.

    If I was mayor the first thing I would do would be take out a bond and bury all the hideous and dangerous electric wires all throughout the village.

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