Letter: Middle Neck Pharmacy Closing


It is with shock and sadness that I share Middle Neck Pharmacy closed its doors on Monday, Oct. 15, though the store will remain open to sell off its existing merchandise.

According to Greg, the store manager, the pharmacy is merging with CVS. Middle Neck Pharmacy staff members are supposedly transferring their employment to what has always been their archenemy—the big box stores.

Word on the street is that Everfresh has taken over Middle Neck Pharmacy’s lease and has been trying to do so for many years.

When the pharmacy closed the back two registers at 7 p.m., many hearts were heavy for the loss of yet one more beloved mom-and-pop shop in our village. An elderly stranger on line with me expressed it best, “Too many changes are taking place—and they are not for the better.” Many residents share the same sentiment.

Like on the TV sitcom Cheers where everybody knows your name, let’s say one last good night to Darryl, Suzie, Ana, Ritu, Nino, John, Martin, Sri, Ram, Greg and so many others.

What was the winning formula for keeping this special place alive? Loyalty, dedication, personalized service and commitment to the consumer, sprinkled with a healthy dose of love. Let’s remain optimistic that the remaining mom-and-pop stores in the village continue to thrive for many years.


  1. The pharmacy at this store does not pick up the phone and leaves you on hold indefinitely. I was left on hold for 30 minutes and gave up. They obviously cannot handle the business they picked up from Middle Neck Pharmacy. My advise is to have you prescriptions transferred to another Pharmacy. Dont waste your day hanging on the phone hoping someone at the pharmacy will pick up.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your comments. I have switched my entire family’s prescriptions to Town Pharmacy in Great Neck, 516-439-5380. They deliver to the village of Great Neck and surrounding areas for free everyday. Support your local pharmacy!

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