Mayor Bral’s Accomplishments


As elections are fast approaching, it is a good time to reflect on the past two years in our village under the leadership of Mayor Bral.

Our mayor promised us in the last election that he would listen to feedback from residents—something that many of us felt was not happening at the time. He has kept his promise. He has made it a point to have Coffee with the Mayor on the first Wednesday of every month so that all residents have a chance to informally speak to him and voice their opinions and concerns.

He is the most easily reachable and approachable public servant I’ve ever seen, with an active personal Facebook page he often uses to update and inform residents and a very active phone that rings nonstop with residents calling him directly with all types of questions and concerns.

He heard our concerns and enhanced the efficiency of our village government by reviewing spending and cutting costs where he could. This led to a substantial reduction of what was a $1 million structural deficit prior to Mayor Bral being elected.

He has worked hard to revitalize our business district, attracting several new stores and expanding some of the existing ones.

Mayor Bral continues to question the status quo and to listen to what the residents have to say. This has led him to obtain a grant for energy efficient LED lights, which will provide well-lit streets at no cost to taxpayers. Similarly, he worked to obtain grants to fund the paving of village streets at no cost to taxpayers.

Thanks to his efforts and the hard work of the trustees, our sidewalks have never looked better and the days of frivolous fines are long gone. Our mayor has strived to better the quality of life in our village. I would like to thank him and to have him continue to achieve the goals he has set as our mayor. Let’s all support our village by voting for Mayor Bral on June 20.

—Ronit Kahen

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