Making Peninsula Residents Proud


As her first legislative session comes to a close, Senator Anna Kaplan
delivers on her campaign promises

Senator Anna Kaplan returns to Great Neck to share her accomplishments in the first legislative session. (Photo by Sheri ArbitalJacoby)

As her first legislative session neared its close in Albany on June 19, Senator Anna Kaplan returned to the peninsula on Monday, June 10, to share her accomplishments with her supporters.

“I’m so grateful to represent such a diverse district and I’m appreciative of the support I have received from people in all parts of the community, representing different neighborhoods, cultures, religions and backgrounds, because I do my very best to try and represent everyone to the best of my ability,” noted Kaplan, who is the first Jewish Iranian-American immigrant elected to the Senate.

Jacqueline Harounian introduces Senator Anna Kaplan. (Photo by Sheri ArbitalJacoby)

Since being sworn in to her first term as New York State senator in January, Kaplan is proud of everything she’s been able to achieve this session. She has helped obtain funding for local schools and opioid initiatives, institute property tax caps, create stricter gun control and protect our precious children and environment. Some of the highlights follow.

• To keep the growth of property taxes under control, she helped pass a permanent 2 percent property tax cap.

• She obtained record funding of $22 million for local schools, with our district getting an 8.3 percent increase in state aid to schools, compared to the statewide average increase of 3.6 percent and the average increase on Long Island of only 3.9 percent.

Senator Anna Kaplan returns to her Great Neck roots and shares some of her accomplishments with her local supporters. (Photo by Sheri ArbitalJacoby)

“Every dollar brought back from Albany to support the schools helps decrease the local tax burden, so bringing back expanded funding was my top priority in the budget,” she said.

• Significant new funding and initiatives to fight the opioid crisis on Long Island was secured, including funds for opening Nassau County’s first recovery community center, Thrive Nassau, in the district. Other initiatives will help people seeking recovery get the treatment and help they need, including 28-day inpatient rehabilitation programs, and the removal of numerous cost barriers that prevent people from getting help.

• Kaplan’s first bill on commonsense gun-control legislation, which passed through the Senate in January, closed a loophole in the background check process for gun licenses. She has cosponsored several other commonsense bills, like banning 3D-printed “ghost guns,” banning bump-stocks, strengthening and lengthening the background check process, and ensuring safe storage of firearms.

From left: Sara Grossman Kane, Senator Anna Kaplan, Jacqueline Harounian, Nancy Bader and Mimi Hu gather in Great Neck. (Photo by Sheri ArbitalJacoby)

• For the environment, she helped pass a ban on offshore drilling off the coast of Long Island, closed a loophole that allowed oil and gas companies to dump hazardous waste and funded record amounts in the budget for the environmental protection fund ($300 million) and clean water infrastructure improvements ($3 billion).

• She also helped pass the Child Victims Act, which was stalled for many years under the Republican majority in the Senate.

“My first session has been a very productive one, and I’m proud to say that I have delivered on the vast majority of the promises I made during my campaign, including bringing back record school funding, passing a permanent 2 percent tax cap, passing commonsense gun-safety legislation, protecting women’s rights and getting justice for victims of childhood sex abuse,” said Kaplan. “As session draws to a close, I’m looking forward to spending more time in the district, meeting with constituents and developing a legislative agenda for the year to come.”


  1. Senator Kaplan is a horrible human being.
    She voted yes to a bill that discriminates against a religious minority. They have now taken away Religious Exemptions for vaccines.
    We can not receive vaccines because they contain animal blood, pork gelatin, aborted fetal tissue, and other contaminants that are not kosher.
    What a disgrace of a politican and human being. A Monster. Religious people are now kicked out of ny schools. This not only violates the civil Rights act but the first and 14th amendment. What a disgusting Woman.
    Instead of representing her constitutes she chose to represent pharma.
    Vote her out !!!

  2. Senator KAPLAN Chooses to represent big Pharmaceutical companies and now my son is sitting home all summer Disabled , not able to receive services , he can not attend school or get the 9 vaccines required for school because its not safe to receive that many in 14 days . Even if I went against my religious beliefs and caved he can not attend school.
    A “Religious Refuge ” removing and voting against our first amendment rights…. what a joke.

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