Making Middle Neck Road Safer


The recent pedestrian death is a much-needed reminder that we have to take positive steps to protect our citizens. Here are some actions we can take that will save lives:

1. Reduce the speed limit on Middle Neck Road to 25 miles per hour.

2. Put up automated signs that tell motorists how fast they’re driving.

3. At every intersection, there should be lighted signs that alerts drivers and pedestrians to how many seconds they have until the light changes.

4. Strategically placed speed bumps, particularly between Beach Road and Red Brook Road, to slow drivers down.

Will these actions eliminate all accidents? Probably not, but—like in New York City—they will greatly reduce the number of deaths on our main thoroughfare. The costs are minimal, the potential benefits great.

I call upon all the mayors and village officials of Great Neck to get behind these proposals. Delay is not acceptable; inaction is not acceptable.

David Golbert

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