Making A Difference


Sometimes children are smarter than adults. Recently, I saw a news story about Braeden Mannering, a 12-year-old boy who lives in Delaware. He saw people standing by the side of the road holding up signs saying that they needed food and shelter. It made Braeden sad to see that.

Once, when he was in the car with his mom, he saw a man standing in the rain holding up a sign saying he was homeless. “I put my mom’s umbrella in a bag, along with a water bottle, two fruit snacks, a bag of chips and a granola bar. When I gave it to him, he said, ‘Thank you, son.’”

Braeden realized he could do something to help out. Now, whenever he sees someone in need, he gives them a bag with healthy snack foods because homeless people do not always have access to healthy food. He even started an organization called Brae’s Brown Bags.

At last count, Braeden has given out more than 4,000 bags of food to the poor and the homeless. In each bag, he also puts information about local organizations that can help with other necessities, such as shelter and counseling.

If Braeden can find a way to help, can’t each one of us do the same?

Dave Golbert

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