Luxury Watch Store Opens In Great Neck

Phigora offers high-end merchandise. (Photo by Bank Prasobchoke)

Phigora and Watch Central, a successful New York City-based luxury watch store, opened its first storefront in Great Neck. Phigora helps purchase, sell, trade, and repair certified pre-owned luxury watches.
The original office space is in midtown’s Diamond District, but with the company’s recent growth, Phigora needed a bigger office space and a storefront. With many customers coming from Long Island, owners George Fatakhov and Mikhal Iskhakov chose to open their store in the Great Neck area. Both Fatakhov and Iskahov lived in the Great Neck area and knew the thriving town would be a prime spot for their store.
“During the pandemic, our company actually grew,” said Julio Carrillo, Digital Marketer and Sales Representative for Phigora. “People couldn’t travel or do much, so they began investing in watches.”
“Phigora specializes in really high-end luxury watches,” said Carrillo. “On the lower side, for starter watches, we carry items ranging from $2,000 to $3,000. Our prime watches, such as Rolex and Patek Philippe watches, can be from $8,000 to $150,000.”
Phigora is now open along with Watch Central, their service center.
“Since we carry a lot of high-end watches, our watchmakers are very technically savvy in this industry,” said Carrillo. “Usually, when you buy a watch, you have to get it serviced elsewhere, but Phigora is one of the very few companies that provides servicing for watches.”
The in-house watchmakers ensure the watches are in factory-level condition, and they offer services for all major luxury watch brands. The team repairs, refinishes, tests and has treatments for water resistance.

The new store has been renovated for comfort and decorated to make their customers feel welcome.
(Photo by Bank Prasobchoke)

“Because of our online reviews and customer word of mouth, we get customers buying from us regularly and even buying watches off our social media,” said Carrillo. “For us to have built that trust with people searching for luxury watches and reading our reviews to come to us is a big deal.”
Customer service is a priority for Phigora.
“For every watch purchase we make, we add a bottle of wine as a thank you,” said Carrillo. Putting their customers’ wants and needs first are prideful qualities for the watch store, and they are looking forward to continuing their mission in Great Neck.
The new storefront is located at 10 Grace Ave, Store One, Great Neck. Visit to learn more about the new business in the Great Neck community.

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