Local Mail Carriers Unsung Heroes


On Saturday, Jan. 24, everyone had to deal with a long and difficult record snow of over 24 inches that did not end until midnight. I was out all day long shoveling both Saturday and Sunday. Our local villages, Town of North Hempstead and Nassau County were still struggling to clear the roads on Monday. How pleasant to see that Roland, our favorite mailman serving the Lakeville community (adjacent to Lakeville Elementary school by the Great Neck/Little Neck city line), was able to deliver our mail on Monday, which meant a heavier load with Saturday’s mail, walking around or climbing over all the piles of snow.

Recently retired, I have come to enjoy not only our excellent local library system, but receipt of our six-day-per-week mail. Every morning on my way to the Lakeville Library, I usually run into Roland. We exchange our usual morning greetings, and sometimes in the afternoon when taking my second walk around the neighborhood, I may run into him again.

A day without Roland or our mail is a day without sunshine! Roland is considered the honorary Mayor of Lakeville. I can fully appreciate the lifeline and connection between senior citizens, retirees and your local mailman. Hats off to Roland and all the other brave mail carriers who still made their appointed rounds last Monday, despite many homes with limited shoveled paths. Ditto for trying to find a spot to park your mail truck. You are all true unsung heroes!

Larry Penner

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