Local At The Polls

This year’s presidential election has long since passed the point of mild absurdity and now sits squarely and dangerously in a state of utter nonsense. This farce of an election features buffoons on both sides of the aisle and a rabble of supporters more suited for some tragic burlesque performance than actual democratic responsibility. When we head to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8, to fulfill our duty as free citizens, I imagine many will hold their noses as they vote one way or the other—either for a mostly unlikable career politician or for a grossly ill-prepared and polarizing prince of vulgarity. Meanwhile, the horrible truth is the differences between the two are strikingly stark, yet not so stark at all. Here’s a tip for voters: When the depressing reality of this election’s choices is too much to bear, keep in mind that your vote is very much still needed when it comes to local elections. Your vote for the House and the Senate will have a tremendous impact on economic policy, with the structure of closer-to-home government being of overwhelming consequence to our everyday lives. No matter who is elected to the Oval Office, he or she must still abide by the checks and balances put in place long before the entire system began resembling the worst reality show of all time. And whoever the new president is, his or her effectiveness will be dramatically reduced if other elected officials flat out refuse to cooperate. So, after you decide which president you want to hate for the next four years, be sure to pay attention to who populates the rest of the ballot. Be informed as you head to the polls and vote smartly and locally. And, for just one second, pretend the election hasn’t descended into gut-wrenching satire.

Source: http://floralparkdispatch.com/2016/10/13/local-at-the-polls/

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