Library Main Building Opening Delayed


DelayLibrary_062216The renovation of the Main Building of the Great Neck Library (GNL) is progressing nicely, according to library officials, and is getting closer to completion every day. Despite the Verizon work stoppage, GNL vendors were able to install the phone and computer systems by the end of May. This enabled the library to provide the fire marshal with working emergency numbers in preparation of the inspection of the building’s fire and sprinkler systems.

The inspection, which took place on June 1, resulted in a request for 15 additional sprinkler heads and water deflecting barriers between the bookshelves under the mezzanine. Unfortunately, these requests were significant enough that they prevented the library from receiving the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO), which is a requirement for inhabiting the building, for the installation of the new furniture and for the return of the collections that have been stored in an off-site facility.

“It’s not uncommon as a result of the inspection process for inspectors to require additional fire safety measures—even though building plans were reviewed and approved by the fire marshal prior to permits being issued,” said GNL President Marietta DiCamillo. “We are moving at lightning speed with our construction team providing viable solutions so we get our TCO as soon as possible and begin the process of moving back in; something all of us want badly.”

Kathy Giotsas, executive director of the GNL, added, “Obviously, we would like our TCO now and are disappointed with the results of the building inspection. We are confident that after these changes are made, we’ll be able to receive a TCO.”

The contractor, VRD, is working diligently to make the necessary changes and complete the project. The library expects to receive the TCO after the next inspection.


  1. Why are you congratulating yourself for choosing architects/engineers and for signing off on a building plan that did not anticipate obvious and basic fire-code safety regulations??

    And — why did the contract not include penalties for late completion??

    Joel D. Schiff

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