Letter: Why Is The Park District Canceling Concerts?


I’ve been living in Great Neck and have been a member of the Great Neck Park District for more than 40 years.

Every summer, my wife and I have looked forward to going to Steppingstone Park on Saturday and Sunday nights from July Fourth to Labor Day. We have also enjoyed the local ethnic performances, like klezmer, Persian and Chinese.

Sadly, it seems that this year will not be the same, with three July/August Sundays wiped out and the Labor Day concert and the local ethnic stuff gone.

Surely, it can’t be a money problem, since the park district just built itself new super duper offices. But, worst of all, all of this was done without notice or explanation. I would like to know the reason.

—Zach Dicker

Read the Great Neck Park District’s response here.


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