Letter: What’s Up With The New Movie Theater?


I wish the new owners of the Bow Tie Cinemas would announce in advance their intentions of reopening to set our expectations.

Frankly, my friends and I went only to the Manhasset and Roslyn theaters, since we like the foreign films, the independent films and the less commercialized ones.

We only go to Great Neck Cinemas at The Squire when the Gold Coast Arts Center sponsors films or film festivals. Those are superior.

Great Neck choices in the weekly showings were not of interest to my friends. They were “sensational” in terms of appealing to those younger or those who do not like “good stories.” I guess we will have to go to Malverne or Huntington.

Even the theater’s recorded phone message says nothing except, “To hear the films, press a prompt,” which is blank. Why aren’t they smart enough business-wise to have a message about closing or temporary closing?

Bonnie Lyons Salkind

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