Letter: Vote For The Commissioners


On Tuesday, Dec. 11, Commissioner Robert Lincoln of the Great Neck Park District and Commissioner Steve Reiter of the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District are up for reelection to their respective official positions. Both commissioners are providing outstanding service to the public, and I urge all eligible voters to show support and appreciation by coming out to cast a vote for the two commissioners.

Commissioner Lincoln, chair of the park board, along with his fellow commissioners, preside over a vast park enterprise that provides a wide range of recreational, therapeutic and educational facilities and services to residents of all ages and interests. The park district’s facilities are comprised of priceless assets in the hands of a superb superintendent and a highly trained and dedicated park staff.

Commissioner Lincoln has shown exceptional leadership, as well as sensitivity, patience and understanding in guiding the various missions of the park district. The result has been high morale throughout the park district, expanding and improving park services and programs to meet changing needs. And, a business-management approach has kept tax rates unchanged for many years.

The Water Pollution Control District board, better known as the Sewer District, sails along serenely under the radar, but its work in protecting the health and safety of Great Neck residents could not be more important.

Commissioner Reiter has done an outstanding job in overseeing the expansion and modernization of our sewage processing plant, while maintaining a highly capable staff to the point where Great Neck is a showplace for efficiency, conservation and environmental protection. Like the park district, our sewer district is employing sound business practices to generate outside revenues that help keep tax rates in check.

All told, in my opinion, the public interest is best served by reelecting Commissioners Robert Lincoln and Steve Reiter. Vote at Great Neck House, the Great Neck Senior Center or Manhasset-Lakeville Firehouse #4 from 1 to 9 p.m., on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

—Leon Korobow

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