Letter: Vote For Mayor Bral


I am writing to express my endorsement and enthusiasm for Dr. Pedram Bral’s campaign for reelection as the mayor of our town. I have been a resident of Great Neck for 27 years, and as a long-time resident in the community I believe he is absolutely the strongest choice to continue to lead Great Neck into the future.

In all of my years in Great Neck, I have never seen a mayor so involved in our well-being—from the schools, to the roads and street-cleaning, to the infrastructure, Mayor Bral has done much to improve our well-being as a community. I admire his ability to run a balanced budget and not raise the tax burden for long-time home owners like myself.

I would encourage all young citizens of Great Neck who are of voting age to come out on Election Day to ensure he continues to lead our town.  

—Moshe Besalel


  1. Mayor Bral has a group of followers that would employ despicable tactics to steer village tax money toward their own special interest groups. He initiated a massive development project based on a false claim of “exodus of young families “ when public demographics data pointed otherwise. He attempted to pass the development projects without the rest of village informed until he was caught by members outside of circle. He wasted $100,000 on “revitalization “environmental impact study on an amateur company that provided shoddy and questionable impact studies. He also rallied his group against public school

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