Letter: Veterans Cemetery Markers


Every Memorial Day, the Scouts of Great Neck, along with the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, have placed American flags alongside our veterans’ final resting place in All Saints Cemetery in Great Neck.

The Scouts would place the flag in a marker next to the headstone identifying the grave as a veteran.

Sadly, over the winter, all of the markers have disappeared, making it difficult for us to find the veterans.

We are looking for everyone’s help in restoring the markers. We are asking, if you know of a veteran buried in All Saints Cemetery, please let us know.

We look to the community to help us honor our fallen veterans and give as much information as possible, so that they can be recognized and remembered for their service to our country.

Specifically, we need a letter from the family outlining the veteran’s service branch and when he or she served.

Anyone with information about veterans should contact the Great Neck Memorial
Day Parade Committee at gnparades@gmail.com.

—Donald Panetta

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