Letter To The Editor: Vigilant Ex-Chief Supports Weinstock for Congress


I am a former Chief of the Vigilant Fire Company and I worked side by side with Michael Weinstock, when the Vigilant Fire Company was assigned to work with FDNY firefighters at Ground Zero. I worked closely with Michael on the pile. He was assigned to handle one of the hose lines at the very top of the pile of rubble. He did a tremendous job. I will always remember the difficult time I had, convincing him to put down the hose for a couple minutes and walk to a safer area to eat a sandwich.

I was surprised to read the letter to the editor submitted by the president of the Vigilant Company. After bemoaning “fake news,” he suggested that Michael was never assigned to Ground Zero. That’s a falsehood, obviously. Michael traveled in the truck I was driving and he appears in a bunch of photographs with other Vigilant firefighters. I have nothing but respect for Michael Weinstock. That’s why I’m supporting his campaign for Congress and that’s why I already sent him a contribution. Not surprisingly, most of Michael’s earliest supporters were current and former members of the Vigilant Fire Company.

I am disappointed by the lapse of judgement reflected in the letter. Firefighters should never promote falsehoods and peddle those falsehoods in the local newspaper. And the president of a fire company should never inject himself into a competitive campaign for Congress while plainly supporting one candidate over another.

Andy DeMartin
Former chief, Vigilant Fire Company

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