Letter To The Editor: Parking Ticket Process Unfair


I recently received a ticket for parking at the Great Neck train station.

Though I have an annual permit, following a visit to a garage, the tag was mislaid and I did not realize that it was no longer hanging from the rear view mirror.

I mailed the parking ticket, together with a photocopy of the annual permit tag and the original receipt showing the payment made in December 2016 to the Parking Violations Bureau, pleading Not Guilty.

In return, I received a form instructing me to either come to see a prosecutor in person or pay the $70 fine.

They know full well that busy doctors are not going to spend half a day driving to and from and then waiting at the Parking Violations Bureau and would rather pay the fine.

It is outrageous that one has to come to the bureau in person when full documentation has been provided. I should mention that this is not the first time that I have had an occasion to plead not guilty, but found it cost efficient to pay the fine. It is simply not right.

—Norma Bilbool

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