Letter To The Editor: Parched Pool Complex


This summer, the Parkwood Pool Complex seems to be woefully understaffed. There always used to be one or two senior park administrators (experienced “blue shirts”) walking around the pool deck overseeing the lifeguards and patrons and keeping the place a safe and pleasurable experience for all.

Now, there is either one blue shirt or none at all roaming the pool deck during the late afternoons and evenings. Because of this staff shortage, people are eating on the pool deck and leaving their garbage everywhere. Many lifeguards stations on the lazy river and the main pool are empty. The diving boards are not open at night.

Just the other day, an irate parent refused to take their diapered toddler out of the main pool. It took five staff members and several minutes to resolve the problem because not one blue shirt was on duty to professionally handle such a situation.

In addition, the downstairs eating area was filthy the same night because no one was on duty cleaning up.

I think it’s wonderful how the three park commissioners have spent lots of money over the last year for capital improvements to our parks and facilities, but they have failed miserably at properly staffing the Parkwood Pool Complex.

—John Romano


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