Letter To The Editor: Lively Conversations At Salon


Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed a unique series of monthly conversations at the Great Neck Library: The Socrates Salon. On the first Friday afternoon each month, two dozen men and women of all ages, with backgrounds ranging from business to the arts, gather to discuss compelling topics which have included friendship, luck, wealth, compassion and humor.

The atmosphere is warm and hospitable, and, stimulated by some light refreshments, ideas and opinions flow and crackle. We share our life experiences, our knowledge from our different backgrounds and what we’ve learned and are learning.

The host/moderator Ron Gross has written several books championing the revival of conversation as an antidote to our addictions to our digital devices and computers. “Talk is cheap,” he says, “but real conversation is invaluable.” He cochairs the University Seminar on Innovation at Columbia University, and instigates such gatherings throughout New York City. New members are always welcome.

I have great respect and appreciation for Ron and his unique gifts and hope others will take advantage of this opportunity to experience his mastery in facilitating such life-enhancing conversations.

—Ken Snyder

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