Letter To The Editor: It’s A Sign Of The Times


What kind of campaign is Frank Cilluffo, the incumbent Great Neck Park Commissioner, running against his opponent Erica Beggs? Well, over the past several weeks in the run-up to the November elections I observed the signs of Judi Bosworth, Ellen Birnbaum (no relation), Veronica Lurvey, David Chiang and others prominently displayed on the streets of Great Neck. The countless signs stood unmolested day after day prior to the Nov. 5 election. Even after the elections most of them remained in place for many days.
By contrast, the upcoming Dec. 10 election for Great Neck Park District Commissioner has taken an unfortunate turn. Both candidates, Frank Cilluffo and Erica Beggs, have spent time and money to place signs in prominent places throughout the Great Neck Park District, many of which are placed with the permission of the property owners. The placement of the signs involves thought as to where they may be most effective and skill to negotiate their placement. In other words, it involves hard work and dedication, particularly on the part of the challenger, in this case, Erica Beggs.
Those volunteering for the campaign of Erica Beggs placed many signs throughout the Great Neck Park District on her behalf. Incredibly, nearly every sign bearing the name of Erica Beggs has disappeared from the streets of Great Neck. This is no coincidence. Who could have done such a thing, but a supporter of Frank Cilluffo? These shameful acts of vandalism, which involved multiple thefts, were illegal and immoral, and put Erica Beggs at a significant disadvantage. Honesty and integrity should be the hallmark of every election. That someone should retain office through these dishonest acts is just another sign of the times.
—David Birnbaum

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