Letter to the Editor: In Support of Weihua Yan

Weihua Yan (Contributed photo)

We write in the strongest possible commendation of our good friend Weihua Yan for Nassau County Legislature in District 10 in the General Election on Tuesday, November 7 (early voting begins on Saturday, October 28).

Weihua is a true successful businessman, community leader, family man, and American.  He is committed to reducing our tax burden and restoring fiscal responsibility by making it easier for businesses to flourish in Nassau County and thereby strengthen the County’s revenue base.  He will help keep us safe by hiring more police and creating a Hate Crimes Unit for Nassau County and will protect our environment and precious natural resources.

Please watch this two-minute video of Weihua talking about why he is running, what distinguishes him from his opponent, and what he will accomplish for us as a County Legislator.

In a time when our political and governmental institutions are under attack from illiberal forces, Weihua has demonstrated unequivocally that he understands the norms of our democracy and the responsibilities of a candidate for, and holder of, public office.  He has appeared at every candidate forum to which he’s been invited to defend his platform and ideas including the League of Women Voters’ Forum, the “gold standard” for candidates to subject themselves to public critical scrutiny.  His opponent has not.  Weihua has demonstrated his utmost respect for the voters of the district and that he is the best equipped candidate to protect our democracy from those who are threatening it.

When they moved to Great Neck 15 years ago, although they are not Jewish, Weihua and his wife Carey sent their two sons to Hebrew School at Temple Beth-el in Great Neck because they were fascinated by Jewish religion and culture and wanted to forge a genuine connection with that significant part of our demographic in District 10.  That speaks volumes about Weihua’s character.  He understands what it means to be an American and a citizen of the larger community, and will put the interests of all of our residents first and foremost, rather than succumb to parochial interests.

Weihua is the best candidate to represent all of us in the Nassau County Legislature.  Please join us in voting for him on Election Day November 7.  Early voting is also available from October 28 through November 5:  click here for early voting locations.  For more information on when and where to vote and obtaining absentee ballots, please click here.

Thank you kindly for your trust and support.

-Robert and Anne Yamins, Great Neck

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