Letter To The Editor: Impose A Uniform Speed Limit


Given the number of recent accidents, fatalities and near misses due to excessive speeding on Middle Neck Road, North Shore Action is calling upon the Town of North Hempstead and the village mayors of Great Neck Plaza, Russell Gardens, Great Neck Village, Kensington, Great Neck Estates, Thomaston and Kings Point to impose a uniform 25 miles per hour speed limit on Middle Neck Road, starting at Northern Boulevard and continuing all the way north to Redbrook Road.

We believe that this measure, along with increased driver and pedestrian vigilance and respect, will save lives.

We encourage all residents to contact their mayor about this important safety issue. North Shore Action will be asking the village mayors to put this important issue on their agenda at the upcoming joint mayors’ meeting.

—Beth Friedmann and the Steering Committee of North Shore Action


  1. Maybe we should ban cars altogether?!
    are you kidding me 25 mile per hour for the main roads? and that will not slow down people who break the law and speed anyway.

    35 to 40 mph is not a bad speed limit, the problem is the drivers that do not follow that limit.

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