Letter To The Editor: Give Immigrant Children A Chance


I am writing to express my opposition to President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which was initiated by President Barack Obama.

DACA allows children who entered the United States as illegal immigrants to be able to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and eligibility for a work permit. Many people who came here when they were children grew up to earn a high school diploma and then went on to college and a successful career, and many have served in our military and are a valuable fabric our this nation. They have been contributing to our economy and to the American workforce with their highly needed skills and talents. Some have started their own businesses, which also have helped the local economies.

I also came here as an immigrant. I arrived here when I was 21 years old from Formia, Province of Latina, in Italy with only eight years of education. My public-service career began in 1971 working for New York City and 30 years later, in 1991, I was elected councilman for the Town of North Hempstead and served at the town for 14 years. Now, I am a New York State Assemblyman of the 16th Assembly District. America opened its doors, embraced me and gave me opportunities which I did not have before; I would like nothing less for the dreamers.

Instead of deporting these people and depleting our society of good people, we should have more cultural understanding and give them the opportunity to apply for citizenship and allow them to live without fear, to learn, to work freely and to flourish. DACA has given hope and protection and it has offered an opportunity for the people who came here seeking a better life.

Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso


  1. While I understand your point but there is a solid logic behind stopping the program.
    as with the rest of democrats policies, it is all about playing with people’s heart and collecting maximum votes no matter if the point is logical or not.
    Allowing illegally entered immigrants to stay or get legalized will encourage this behavior. with lack of a solid border tos top them, there is nothing to stop this illegal immigration. meanwhile there are people legally waiting for many many years in line to get their turn and come to USA legally.
    I much rather have a person who respects the law as an immigrant in USA than someone who just hops the fence with no regard for the law of the land.
    These illegal immigrants (kids) did not travel on their own. This is the plan that their parents executed for them end up in USA, get jobs under the table , pay no tax, send money home , or eventually use democratic loopholes to become legal and invite the whole family to a citizenship in USA.
    These illegal immigrants are not a source of blessing to tax payers of USA but a drain on our resources. Each kid comes with a cost in public education system, beside the medicaid, section 8, food stamps, etc etc , you are talking about 60K$ per year in expenses that the parent of this child has avoided to pay and tax payers on USA will cover. A trip started with lack of respect for the constitution of USA will end up with an adult who will not pay taxes after draining hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payers money. All that aside , how is it fair for other to wait years in the greencard line while we embrace this poor cute immigrant child implanted in USA by his/her parents.

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