Letter to the Editor: Board of Education Elections


Joanne Chan will make an outstanding advocate for all of the GNPS (Great Neck Public Schools) children and the community at large. While I no longer reside in Great Neck, I write to support my friend and fellow champion of public education. Her notable advocacy on behalf of the general population has most prominently included her valiant efforts as Co-president of the UPTC (United Parent-Teacher Council) during the contentious Bond Referendum of 2017. Joanne was instrumental in bringing differing viewpoints together and working diligently around the clock to gain consensus and unity in leading the parents, teachers, and community in their passionate efforts and eventual success in passing the Bond Referendum after its initial failure.

One of the many things I admire about Joanne is her intellectual curiosity and genuine interest in learning new things and figuring out new ways to solve problems. This, along with her desire to listen to what people want and need, made her an excellent parent leader. The Board of Education Trustees in Great Neck has always benefited greatly from the knowledge of the past — this is why so many parent leaders have successfully filled trustee seats. Joanne has a proven track record as a thoughtful champion of public education and possesses all the qualities of leadership that are needed to be an excellent trustee. From her direct and open nature to her commitment to transparency and accountability, no one else running could transition in as smoothly to the existing board, while also being a catalyst for new ideas and change where needed.

Please reach out to Joanne, get to know this incredible mother, wife, friend, engineer, business woman, leader, unifier and champion of public education. On May 16th, give her your support and she will advocate for your children and your community in a way that will make you proud that you helped elect her!

-Sarah Moss
(Former Co-President UPTC with Joanne Chan)

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