Letter To The Editor: Berkowitz Promotes Diversity, Growth & Innovation


Trust and respect are earned. Barbara Berkowitz has certainly earned both. At the request of her fellow trustees, Berkowitz has served fifteen years as president of the Board of Education. Apparently, her colleagues share my sentiments.

Berkowitz understands and accepts the challenges and importance of maintaining quality education in an era of shrinking resources. She celebrates and promotes a culture of social and informational diversity which encourages change, growth, and innovation.

Her broad experience in the areas of finance, policy, and strategic planning and the continuity she provides have enabled the Great Neck schools to thrive, especially during this extraordinary pandemic year.

Berkowitz continues to work hard to establish and maintain positive and supportive relationships in Great Neck and at all levels of county and state government.

She is devoted to the mission, vision, and values supported by all Great Neck residents.

Going forward, I have every confidence that Mrs. Berkowitz will continue to put children first. She will make sure that Great Neck students have all the resources and help they need to become productive members of society. The Great Neck school district will continue to be recognized and rated an A+ model school system.

-Judy Eisman
Former Co-President SEPTA

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