Letter To The Editor: Be Safe, Walk On The Sidewalk


In defense of Judy Shore Rosenthal’s letter in the July 5 issue and people everywhere, please encourage everyone to walk on sidewalks all of the time and teach children to do so. It is the safest place to walk, and it is the law.

Everyone’s nightmare is to hit and injure or kill someone who is walking in the street. Most are wearing black or dark colors, which camouflage them at night and day with the black street. Few wear reflector vests or white shirts, which would be visible.

Children and wheelchairs should always be on the inside, away from cars if there is no sidewalk. If there is a sidewalk use it, please! It is perfectly fine to ask the mayor, any politician and clergy to remind and urge everyone to be safe.

It is not acceptable to walk four abreast, thereby forcing cars into oncoming traffic—another dangerous situation. One of my best friends died in a collision with oncoming traffic. It was very tragic and is still traumatic 36 years later.

People must walk on sidewalks or in single file next to the grass or curb, if there is no sidewalk. I believe it is the law for pedestrians. There are laws for pedestrians, but the police don’t usually enforce them in Great Neck.

It is not really a religious issue, but a safety issue for all of us, although it is always worse on Shabbat. Respect safety rules, get reflector vests and respect life. I think G-d expects us to be smart and protect ourselves, our families and our communities, so please be safe and act accordingly. If you believe in G-d, there are many more serious problems on our planet than this. We should be able to figure this out on our own and be good, respectful neighbors.

—Robin Bernstein, Esq.

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