Letter: To Our Jewish Friends And Neighbors


Please accept our deepest condolences on the loss of lives at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on Oct. 27. Our hearts sank as we saw the smiling pictures and learned the life stories of the 11 victims. They will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

The barbaric anti-Semitic attack on the synagogue and the murder of 11 Jewish Americans was not only a gutless attack on the Jewish community, but also an attack on humanity itself. The Great Neck Chinese Association emphatically condemns all acts of violence and hatred. At this difficult time, we offer the families of the victims and the survivors our profound sympathy and condolences, and our solidarity to our Jewish friends and neighbors of Great Neck.

The current climate of political divisions that is emboldening those with hate based on fear and ignorance has no place in America. We agree wholeheartedly with what Rabbi Michael Klayman said in his thoughtful letter to the Great Neck Record in the Oct. 31 issue, “No one should be demonized due to his or her political or social views…and we can no longer tolerate racism and hatred against people of a different complexion, ethnicity or gender orientation.” The Chinese community of Great Neck will stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends and neighbors in defending the diversity and openness that the greatness of America was built upon.

—Board of Directors
Great Neck Chinese Association

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