Letter: Thank You For The Support

James Wu was not triumphant in his run against the mayor.

I really appreciate all of my supporters who came out in the rain.

The historic turnout of this election was a spectacular showing of people who care about our community—and care about the issues.

We will now move forward and work toward a harmonious community. 

I chose to live in Great Neck because it is a harmonious community, welcoming to all people, with top-ranked schools and an easy commute to Manhattan. It is a great place to live.

I ran for mayor because I was concerned about plans to overdevelop our beautiful community. I believe we can be proud that our voices were heard in this regard, and the importance of the suburban character of our village and protecting our schools are priorities that will be respected.

I’m proud to have the support of so many people of all races and religions. We will continue to strive to have our voices heard and heeded.

Thank you.

—James Wu

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