Letter: Stand Together Against Intolerance


I was born in Great Neck in 1975 and lived there for the first 25 years of my life.

The Great Neck Library is a very special place to me. I spent much of my youth there and even worked there for a few years.

As most people from Great Neck, I am shocked and appalled at the hateful speech I saw from two women directed at library trustee candidate Mimi Hu.

Online when my friend stood up to one of these bullies, Valerie Pisciotto Shalit, who was one of the hateful women yelling at Mimi Hu, Valerie began yelling hateful accusations at my friend. I jumped in to defend my friend as well as call out Valerie on her hate speech and intolerance. Valerie then, in her mind, assumed that to not agree with her transphobia meant that my friend and I must be in support of a “trustee would-be child-sex predator.” She actually said that and then posted it on her fake Facebook page for the world to see.

Obviously, aside from the defamation of character, I think she needs to be outted to the community for her continued hate speech and complete lies. Great Neck, Long Island and New York need to witness the hatred that lives among us and stand together against such intolerance.

—Lawrence Kohan


  1. Larry, I do not know you but you should see an attorney (not my specialty) and consider a lawsuit for defamation. You will have to quantify any alleged reputational damages but I can refer you to a very fine attorney in our community or, if you prefer, one outside Great Neck. This is the only way to shut down slanderous comments. Trump is allegedly immune but she is not.
    Fred Pomerantz

  2. Since the closed minds of these hate-filled people will not change, the best we can do is to make their home addresses publicly known so that their neighbors can steer clear and keep their kids away and potential future home buyers can avoid them. How can we find where they live?

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