Letter: Reopening The Sixth Precinct


When I joined my colleagues in Elmont to celebrate the reopening of the Fifth Precinct in 2015, I wondered how long my constituents would have to wait to herald the return of the Sixth Precinct. Following six years of advocacy, I am delighted to report that, with the commitment of County Executive Laura Curran and the ongoing partnership of Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder, the resources will be in place to reopen the Sixth Precinct early next year.

This is a victory for more responsive policing across Nassau County and marks the final chapter of the previous administration’s penny-wise, pound-foolish approach to allocating valuable law-enforcement resources.

During the last six years, every time the Nassau County Legislature discussed and approved funding for vital law-enforcement resources, such as new computers, bullet-proof vests and a state-of-the-art police academy, I stressed the importance of reopening the Sixth Precinct. By doing so, we are taking a giant step toward embracing a more holistic, community-centered approach to law enforcement that is in line with contemporary best practices.

I am truly grateful to County Executive Curran and Commissioner Ryder for taking our community’s needs to heart, my colleagues in the legislature for taking the tough votes to reach this outcome and all of the elected officials and community advocates who expressed their concerns, spoke out at legislature meetings and worked tirelessly for six long years to achieve this goal. I look forward to seeing you all at the reopening celebration of the Sixth Precinct.

—Ellen W. Birnbaum
Nassau County Legislator

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