Letter: Private Parking A Concern At North Station

Colbeh customers are now allowed to park in the Great Neck North Station lot without a sticker, taking spots from commuters with stickers.

I am concerned about the parking situation in the Great Neck North Station lot. When trying to park to catch a train this weekend, I discovered that there were no spots available.

This is highly unusual, as getting a spot at the station during the weekend has never been an issue for me. I commute regularly on the weekend and, as a resident of the Great Neck Park District, I have the proper paid sticker for my vehicle which allows me to park.

Upon exiting the lot to find parking elsewhere, I saw a placard at the entrance stating that Colbeh customers without a sticker could park in the lot. I immediately called the park district, but was told that all supervisors were off.

I called back on Monday and left a message for the superintendent, assured he would get back to me, but was told by the assistant that Colbeh had paid the park district for the use of the lot.

I am concerned about this on many levels.

Why should any business have preference over others?

Were all businesses in Great Neck offered the same arrangement?

Why would people be offered free parking when we residents with stickers are required to pay for our parking privileges?

If we did not have parking stickers from the district and parked there, wouldn’t we have been ticketed by the village police?

How do the village police know who using the lot is dining at Colbeh?

There are enough difficulties with parking at the station—insufficient spaces for residents, significant increase in handicap spots that are unused, valet parking for the grocery store in the south lot during the week and funeral parking on occasion.

It seems unnecessary to have free parking for diners in this lot when the municipal lot nearby is available and free at some of the same times needed, such as after
6 p.m. and all day Sunday.

Why infringe on the commuters?

I’d like to point out that the parking spot directly in front of Colbeh had its hours changed by the Village of Great Neck Plaza (VGNP) a few years ago. It used to have a three-hour parking limit like the rest of the VGNP. When I tried to park there, the business owner would come out and tell me I could not. They have subsequently changed it to accommodate their own needs with the support of the village. This is concerning.

—Jane Weiser


  1. This is alarming that one restaurant at GN is receiving preferential treatment from the GN park district itself. We have enough parking problem already for the commuter.

  2. Today (11/11/2019) the whole north station parking lot became a funeral valet parking lot. There were about more than 100 cars parked there and most of them don’t have decals. As a resident I was told to not park there by a guy wearing yellow jacket. It is sad to see this becomes a general practice.

  3. Today (11/10/2019) the whole north station parking lot becomes a private valet parking lot for the funeral home. As a resident I was told not to park there by a guy wear yellow jacket. Most of the cars parking there don’t have GNPD stickers. It’s sad to see this becomes a general practice.

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