Letter: Plaza “Meters” Are Terrible


In the Great Neck Plaza parking lots, the “meters,” the stanchions where you have to put in the space number, prompts, etc., are terrible.

Users need three master’s degrees to get their ticket. Theses meters are difficult when you attempt to add time, unlike in Roslyn where it gives you choices of how many more minutes you need.

This morning, four people were lined up helping each other at both ends of the parking lot across from the village office. None of the meters, for lack of a better word, took our dollars. Four of us strangers walked away saying, “Screw it.” We’ll get a ticket and go to court. One woman bought a second ticket, and I told her it would not add time to the original but start from the time she inserted the money.

Great Neck Plaza should get a better meter vendor like in Roslyn, which takes take credit cards. I stopped into the Great Neck Plaza village office and told them, and the receptionist said she will call someone. If it is the meter men, what can they do?

On my drive home, a mere few blocks, I saw four double parkers. This should be our first priority—to ticket the selfish parkers who block a lane and can cause an accident.

—Bonnie Salkind

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