Letter: Markowitz Upstanding


I have known Steve Markowitz for 31 years. He is the most honest, upstanding, genuine, caring individual in the Great Neck community. He has worked arduous hours at the Holocaust center, because he believes so strongly in protecting people’s rights against tolerance, bigotry and anti-Semitism. It amazes me that others can write such hurtful and untrue statements about a man who loves his community dearly and now is a victim of a slanderous and unjust attack.

Please reach out to close members of the community who have had the pleasure of working closely with Steve for such a long time. At that point, you will hear the truth about this upstanding, honest and ethical individual. I know the real truth will come out in Steve’s behalf once this issue is properly investigated. Steve’s reputation is pristine and anyone who truly has had the pleasure of working with Steve will agree. This incident is just a personal attack and an unnecessary smear campaign. I know Steve’s name will be exonerated in the days to come.

—Sharon Tracy

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