Letter: Happy Earth Day, Great Neck


To the Board of Education and Great Neck residents:

Let’s make our dreams a reality to save our Earth. Make a commitment to celebrate Earth Day every day.

Would you walk three blocks to preserve our Earth?

Would you save our fields, better our Earth environment and save our resources if
you could?

As we continue to celebrate and honor Earth Day in Great Neck, let’s honor and stay true to our words to take more responsibility to save our Earth starting here and now.

We are paving over a soccer field at Great Neck North High School for industrialization—a parking lot for 100 more cars.

Dr. Teresa Prendergast, Great Neck Public Schools superintendent, and John Powell, assistant superintendent of business, shared that this has been the dream of the school system for 12 years now, but they lacked the funding until this past year’s bond vote.

This is not a result of a swampy field, but a result of not respecting our Earth. We could utilize the Parkwood parking lot two blocks away with more than 250 parking spots.

Instead, we have cut down healthy trees and will demolish our soccer field for pavement, tar and increased congestion.

We will waste close to $1 million dedicated to school funding to educate our children to do this.

Why not educate our children to save our field, walk two blocks and be responsible citizens of Earth?

What good is recycling if we cannot even care for our own backyard? Save the speeches and the verbiage, and act now and speak against this to Albany and to the Board of Education, as it is not yet state approved.

If you truly believe in saving the Earth, you can make a difference here and now.

This is up to you, every citizen young and old in Great Neck, to save our soccer field.

We can always improve it, why destroy it?

Speak up and advocate for Earth Day, Earth Week and Earth Year.

—Ruth Gabay


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