Letter: End The Plan To Pave Paradise And Build A Parking Lot


The plan by the Great Neck School District to level an open field and trees next to Great Neck North High School and put up a parking lot goes against a long Great Neck history of enjoying and protecting our beautiful undeveloped natural areas.

My family has lived in Great Neck for almost 70 years. Forty years ago, we successfully fought to preserve the woodland along Wooleys Lane and, to this day, I regularly observe many people enjoying this undeveloped area.

I voted for the Great Neck Public Schools bond, and we have a daughter who is currently in the Great Neck Public Schools, yet I do not understand why we should encourage teenagers to drive themselves to school when walking, riding a bike or taking a bus are much safer and more environmentally sound transportation options.

As Elliot Rosenzweig asked in his letter to the editor, “Reconsider Removing the Open Field,” in the April 17 issue, why can’t these students who must drive to school walk the extra block from Parkwood instead of building a closer parking lot for them? It is clear that the considerable amount of money to build this parking lot could be so much better used in other ways to educate and protect our children.

One of the great things about Great Neck is its beautiful parks and open spaces. It would be a shame to lose another natural area for a very questionable benefit.

I hope the Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education reconsiders its decision.

—Peter Gruber


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