Letter: Disparagement Of Iran’s Freedom Movement


I have a few stark comments directed to my fellow liberals, who routinely disregard the Persian uprising and the yearning of the vast majority of Persians for social and political freedom. It is demoralizing to read your perspectives that are in sync with Britain, Germany and France’s talking points.

While you rejoice in the freedom bestowed upon you and your peers, you audaciously caution that the Persian dissidents shall not accept logistic support from other countries in their historic quest to eradicate the rule of Mullahs.

Every country that has transitioned to a democratic system is being aided by a slew of allies. The United States needed France’s “logistic” help to overcome the British.

Eastern Europe heavily relied on the west’s assistance to overcome the communist chain of power. Why is Iran different? Why do you drag your feet from confronting the Mullahs? Why, time and again, do the progressives downplay the grassroot movement of Persians and their legitimate plight for freedom? Why does the EU stealthily describe the Persian freedom movement as a limited crave for reform? And, the biggest mystery yet: Why do you reiterate those falsifying statements?

My fellow liberals, you well know those stigmatizing interpretations are blatantly false. Persians demand a free and democratic regime without Mullahs. Under duress, facing retribution, imprisonment, torture and death, they defiantly declare that their ultimate goal is a free and secular Iran.

Touting the political propaganda lines of the EU means you either approve the rule of Mullahs or you are complacent.

Farshid Drew Bakhshi has a broad and varied background in journalism in print, radio and television media. He has been the executive producer of radio talk shows at WNWK 105.9 FM and WEVD 1050 AM and completed his MA in Broadcast Journalism from New York University. Having lived in the USA, Iran and Israel, he is fluent in English, Farsi and Hebrew.

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