Letter: Building Bridges


It is a sad sign of the times that our community has become so divided and once-cohesive groups have turned against each other.

Steven Markowitz is a staunch advocate for the Jewish community and has devoted countless hours to building bridges and eradicating BDS, bigotry and hate. He is a leader with a proven track record in several respected organizations. The smear campaign that has been unleashed against him and others is undeserved. It is not fair for people to attack Steven Markowitz for a comment he made in a private communication.

Let’s be honest. Many of us have been privy to discussions where individuals have remarked about different groups “taking over” Great Neck. These groups, in no particular order are: “public school parents,” “yeshiva parents,” Persians, Israelis, Asians, Jews, Russians, “right wing,” “Democraps” and “black hats.” Most of us have opinions about our community and are free to express them without fear of retaliation.

Great Neck is continuously evolving, as I have witnessed over 30 years of living here. There is a place for all of us to live with mutual respect, and it is disappointing to see the acrimony so close to home.

—Jackie Harounian

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