Letter: Anti-Semitism Won’t Be Tolerated At North Middle


Our school district confronted an anti-Semitic incident involving two of our North Middle School students on Friday, March 22. Our school officials took immediate action by notifying the parents of both students and the Nassau County Police through their POP (problem-oriented police) program and immediate disciplinary action was taken.

As our nation confronts a growing number of anti-Semitic threats, we know that Great Neck is particularly vulnerable. Our school district will never minimize, excuse or tolerate any manner of anti-Semitism or any incident of bigotry or hate of any kind.

Our school district takes every precaution to ensure the safety of our students and it takes every step to enforce a zero-tolerance policy toward anti-Semitism or any form of bias or bigotry. It is essential to come together as one community united in support for one another and that we work together to overcome the prejudices that we see all too often in our society. We look forward to working with the broader community with the goal of restoring unity and calm as we address these issues.

—Dr. Teresa Prendergast
Superintendent of Schools


  1. Anti-Semitic at the middle school? That’s crazy! What will happen when it takes place at an elementary school or early childhood center? What will happen then? Should we take our children out of the public schools and start homeschooling them? Sounds like a solution since it seems like the school district is all talk and no action.

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