Letter: A Jewish Leader


It’s come to my attention that Steve Markowitz has come under attack from members of the Great Neck community. Even worse, they are smearing Steve as being anti-Semitic.

I know Steve since I moved to Long Island 18 years ago. I’m a personal friend of his, have worked professionally with him and teamed up with him for charitable endeavors. Steve is one of the finest individuals I’ve ever met. He has tremendous integrity, is a wonderful family man and a pillar in the community for so many reasons. Most important though is his uncompromising stance against anti-Semitism and concern for advancing Jewish issues locally and nationally.

As it is a major area of advocacy for me, Steve has been a mentor to me in the area of fighting anti-Semitism. He has stood with me on many initiatives relating to fighting hate, and he recruited me to join the board of the Nassau Holocaust museum. Serving alongside Steve on the board was an honor and privilege. Anyone who thinks Steve is anything but a leader in relation to Jewish issues in our community is truly ignorant and not worthy of participating in the debate.

—Brad Gerstman, Esq.

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