Letter: A Champion


This is a very dangerous time for our Jewish community both in the United States and around the world. Acts of anti-Semitic violence and harassment are at record levels. Israel faces unprecedented threats from so many international fronts. That is why I am so profoundly offended when political attacks and agendas undermine the need to be united and move forward as one community.

Steve Markowitz has been a champion both for our Jewish community and on behalf
of the State of Israel. His leadership in Temple Israel, the Jewish Community Relations Council and as chairman of the Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center has been essential for Great Neck and our faith. In addition, Steve has been pivotal in educating so many communities on Long Island and building trust with them.

Our Great Neck community has a very important role to play on Long Island and nationally in the battle for justice and against intolerance. We are at our best when we come together. The challenges before us demand that for ourselves and generations to come.

—Robert Zimmerman

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