Let’s Get Physical

TRX Suspension Training develops strength, balance and flexibility.

Tips for keeping your fitness goals in the new year

As the new year begins, getting fit tops many resolution lists. Candy Benjamin, who has been the owner and an instructor of Something Physical at 770 Middle Neck Rd. for more than 30 years, offers helpful hints for reaching your goals.

She suggests starting off slowly and making the new year healthier by making small changes.

“Try [modifying] one thing in your diet that you know is bad for you,” said Benjamin, such as eating less sugar, carbs and dairy or drinking more water.

Benjamin advised against setting unreasonable goals, since a person might be unmotivated to stick with it after breaking them.

She shares her passion for fitness at Something Physical, an aerobic studio and gym which focuses on strength, flexibility and endurance. The studio offers different forms of exercise to help people get in shape, including Boot Camp, Body Sculpting, TRX, Step Choreography and Spin classes.

Each one provides different health benefits. Boot Camp increases cardio fitness and contributes to strength training. Sculpt, which uses weights, and TRX workouts, which use your body and resistance, increase flexibility and strength—and help prevent osteoporosis. Step Choreography incorporates cardio fitness for more than 50 minutes, which improves aerobic health.

Over time, Benjamin has created a welcoming environment with the intention of teaching people to enjoy exercise in a non-intimidating atmosphere.

Something Physical has helped the community stay in shape for more than 30 years.

“Something Physical is like a family,” noted Benjamin, who described her business as a comfortable, friendly and privately owned studio, which some members have been attending for more than 30 years. Everyone knows and cares about each other.

Before teaching step aerobics and opening her own studio, Benjamin was a special-education teacher at BOCES during the day and taught exercise at night.

“I needed a break from special ed and always wanted to open my own studio,” said Benjamin, who is thrilled she followed her dream as she loves exercise and teaching. 

“Our mission from the first day we opened our doors was to provide a comfortable, friendly place in the Great Neck area where people could come to improve their health and wellness,” said Benjamin. “As we have grown, we have continued to be the fitness center for all ages, providing a welcoming and fun place to get fit and stay healthy.”

Learn more at www.somethingphysical.net or 516-487-0425.


  1. There are so many things I love about Candy Benjamins Something Physical. Candy has an extrodinary talent for making excerise fun. Her group exercise classes are always challenging no matter what your fitness level is. It’s a master class in working out all the major muscle groups. Her creativity at combining sets of upper and lowerer body muscles can leave you sore for days afterwards. To keep your heart pumping her selection of music is vast and always adjusted to the right tempo. Her studio has free weights, body balls, bands, jump ropes, step benches, TRX systems & more! She also has a sprung floor that absorbs and protects class from impact or injury. I would highly recommend Candy Benjamin’s Something Physical.

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