Lance Kim’s Great Neck South High School Graduation Speech

Lance Kim
Lance Kim

Good morning, sleep-deprived students, grandparents who are happier than the students, parents who just want their kids to come up for pictures and siblings who were forced to attend by parents (“Hi, Harry”). My name is Lance Kim, and I tell you, it is my pleasure to be here. Not only to depart from this place we’ve called home, but to share this one final moment with my classmates.

We’ve been through too much, guys, T-shirt drama, kooky pens, Silly Bandz, Yik Yak, Webkinz, box ball, ballroom dancing, from dinner dancing to prom and everything in-between. I never imagined the kids I played Club Penguin with would eventually graduate high school with me, but we are ready.

I don’t know how to do laundry, balance a checkbook or pay my taxes, but I do know one thing. The world needs us—desperately! Now more than ever. A reality-TV host might be our next president, the polar ice caps are melting and I’m still not the last speaker.

We are underprepared underclassmen again, and none of us knows who we’ll be yet, which is the most terrifying and exciting thought ever.

“Be the change you wish to see,” as you go out into the “real world,” where our “best days are ahead of us” to “find ourselves” and “change the world.” Like all trite things, these may or may not come true, but if your life fits the mold of my high school graduation speech, it’d be kinda dull. Don’t fear change. Your friends will stay your friends.

The day you get back will be filled with hugs, “suh dudes” and awkward passing glances to that girl or boy you once had a crush on. (NAMES WILL NOT BE NAMED.) Our old teachers will ask us how we’re doing with smiling faces, and I’ll finally call Mr. Reader, “Damon,” because we’ll be adults and I’ll be allowed. We’ll look into our parents’ loving eyes, their open arms and run right past them to inhale their free food.

So no matter the places you’ll go, or the person you become, there will always be a place for you at Great Neck South.

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