Kings Point, Lake Success And Village Of Great Neck Elections Results



This past Tuesday, June 21, the villages of Kings Point, Lake Success and Great Neck held their annual elections. Here are the results for each candidate along with their position.

Kings Point

All candidates were reelected to their respective seat and were uncontested. All positions are two-year terms.

Mayor: Michael C. Kalnick received 85 votes.

Trustee: David Harounian received 89 votes.

Trustee: Sheldon Kwiat received 81 votes.

Lake Success 

The seat for mayor was uncontested and to replace former Mayor Ron Cooper, who retired. Mayor and trustee seats are two-year terms and village justice is a four-year term.

Mayor: Adam Hoffman received 156 votes.

Trustee: Fred Handsman received 147 votes.

Trustee: Stephen Lam received 135 votes.

Trustee: Alan Mindel received 144 votes.

Village Justice: Howard Boris received a total 151 votes.

Write-ins: David Sitzer received 7 votes; Scott Gorenstein received 1 vote; Paul Davis received 1 vote; Carol Bernstein received 1 vote.

Village of Great Neck

Both candidates were reelected to their respective seat and both are two-year terms.

Trustee: Barton Sobel received 110 votes.

Trustee: Norman (Khosrow) Namdar received 107 votes.

The few write-ins received 7 votes.

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