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Presidential elections, particularly the one that just mercifully ended, can drum up pointed opinions from all sides of the political spectrum.

Anton Media Group prides itself on reporting the facts in a straightforward manner, without any bias. However, on this page, the editorial page, we are free to expose our opinions in well-thought-out and deliberately written pieces. Last week, we published an editorial by staff member Joe Catrone (“Divided We Stand, Divided We Fall”) that we felt perfectly encapsulated the hindsight of postelection ruminations. In the article, Catrone included many insights as to why Hillary Clinton lost the election to political newcomer Donald Trump.

While we expect criticisms from readers who chose to vote for Trump, we feel compelled to explain what exactly an “editorial” is and why it is appropriate for a newspaper to publish. The editorial page serves as a place for newspaper staff and local residents to express their opinions on hot-button issues that divide a community.

Yes, we published a strong opinion last week that can be viewed as anti-Trump. However, the pendulum swings both ways. In the weeks running up to the election, we published numerous letters from residents who were in support of the Republican candidate. And, in the weeks ahead, we expect to publish more opinions from both sides of the argument.

America is full of opposing views. Anyone who holds a belief should be ready to defend his or her convictions against criticism and scrutiny, otherwise why have beliefs at all? We cannot exist in an echo chamber. When you hear an opinion that is contrary to your own, it should be accepted and digested. Then, if you wish to respond with your own viewpoint, do so with grace and intelligence.

Political discourse in an open forum is one of the tenets of this country. It is one characteristic of America that does not need to be made great again.

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