Katz For Commissioner


My friend, Patty Katz, is running for the commissioner of the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District. Patty and I have worked on numerous projects during the past 10 years. However, I have known her much longer than that. She is a wonderful mother; she is a wonderful spouse; she is a wonderful friend; and she is a wonderful worker. Give her a job to do, and she will do it, no matter how difficult.

She has volunteered on behalf of The Town of North Hempstead and other locales as an environmentalist and community advocate. She displays keen leadership skills, is creative with her ideas and remains focused on her goals. It is always a pleasure to work with her as noted by some of her commendations: appointment to the Town of North Hempstead Ecological Commission by former Town Supervisor Jon Kaiman, recipient of the May Newburger Women’s Role of Honor award and Chairwoman of the Reach Out America Green Committee. Now she is the vice president of Reach Out America.

Patty Katz deserves your vote on Dec. 13 at Great Neck House or at the Great Neck Social Center. It is important that she is elected for the good of our town.

Harriet Becker

Read “Katz Announces Candidacy For GNWPCD Board.”

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