Joseph and JRM Jewelers


As a resident of the Great Neck community, I cannot help but be somewhat distressed that there are so many vacant stores throughout Middle Neck Road. I do however feel that Joseph, of JRM Jewelers, is a true “gem” of the community. He is a merchant that is creative, honest and most courteous of his customers.  When you enter the shop, the glittering displays of his creations adorn the shop in a tasteful way. One is free to roam around and try things on and talk to his staff. Joseph, much like a doctor of his gems, is available for a consultation upon making an appointment. However, when you are with him, you have his full attention, whether you are spending $20 or $20,000.

Joseph offers designs always willing to please whomever he is with. JRM Jewelry and Design is a classy, classic store in Great Neck. Perhaps if we had more merchants that were more interested in classic rather than designs of trend, more stores in the Great Neck community would remain in business and perhaps more people would again choose to shop in an eclectic community touting the diversity that used to be so admired by the suburbs and surrounding areas.

Thanks Joseph and JRM for being a part of our community.

Marilyn Hoffman

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